We are a next generation digital innovation agency.

Based in Cape Town and Johannesburg, we've been serving local and international Clients for more than 15 years.

Our Journey

Standing by to partner you in your journey
to becoming more digitally relevant.

  • Since 2001

    Liquid Thought was founded by its CEO, Zulfiq Isaacs in 2001. Over the past 20 years, we've earned a reputation as a leading digital partner of choice for many leading brands in South Africa. As a strategy-led digital innovation agency, we've always partnered with our Clients to grow their business and enable them to compete more effectively in the online economy.

    As an enabler of digital transformation, the company prides itself on ideating, building, operating and optimising digital assets that unlock value and deliver returns for its Clients. Whether you're building your online business, have an idea for a new product, need to re-platform your technology or re-imagine your digital presence, our highly skilled team of creatives, engineers and strategists are standing by to partner you in your journey to becoming more digitally relevant.


The Liquid Thought Methodology,
there's method to our madness.

  • Discover

    Assess current digital assets and landscape.
    Interview key stakeholders and define business objectives.
    Perform competitor and trend analyses.

  • Gap Analysis

    Identify the gap between current and desired future state.

  • Map

    Define interventions and projects with clear objectives, budgets and business risk / impact.
    Prioritize implementation over a period of time in a roadmap.

  • Implement

    Ideate, Build, Measure and Optimise digital assets to achieve the business goals based on the strategic roadmap.

Guiding Principles

The Liquid Thought Manifesto:
Our Guiding Principles

  • Born Digital

    We pride ourselves on the ability to ideate, build and optimise innovative digital assets.

  • Holistic

    Digital relevancy = business relevancy. Digital transformation spans the entire organisation in successful companies of the future.

  • Partnership

    Our process is rooted in a deep understanding of where an organisation is currently, then mapping out a strategy to an ideal future state.

  • Purposeful Innovation

    The biggest driving force behind our innovation is meeting business objectives.

  • Responsive

    Change is inevitable, response is not. Our proactive approach to managing digital transformation is essential for businesses to stay relevant and competitive.

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