Website Re-Platform

How do we transform and reposition an old economy industrial brand with a global footprint to have a world class presence online?


  • Liquid Thought was engaged to revamp the Paramount Group’s website, making it more contemporary and modern in both look and navigation, while positioning the company as a global player in the defensive aerospace industry.

    Phase one of the project was focused on updating branding and showcasing the product range in a visual manner, with an emphasis on big and bold imagery.


  • The heart of the solution was a bold, highly visual, responsive website with an exceptional user experience on desktop and mobile.

    Following a review by Liquid Thought’s UX team, navigation was significantly simplified to deliver an intuitive user journey. Usability by device was heavily considered in both design and functionality.

    The more bandwidth-intensive auto-playing video content was replaced by still imagery on mobile devices, providing a more satisfying mobile experience without compromising the visual impact of the site.

    Umbraco CMS, used on more than 250,000 websites world wide, was selected as it is simple to understand and highly extensible using industry-standard languages and patterns.


  • Phase one of the engagement was launched successfully as a responsive website built on an enterprise Content Management System that enables Paramount to dynamically manage all content on the site, transforming the brand and enabling Paramount Group as a global competitor in the defensive aerospace industry.
    Visit the website to explore Paramount Group.

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